William Barzee: Representing Clients in Mortgage Fraud Cases

Long established as a leading south Florida criminal defense lawyer, William Barzee leads Barzee Flores Attorneys At Law. One area in which his practice has expertise involves mortgage fraud. William Barzee notes that cases of this type are rapidly increasing throughout Miami-Dade County, as prosecutors aggressively seek criminal charges against parties involved in fraudulently transacted real estate deals.

The majority of mortgage fraud cases involve issues such as document falsification, money laundering, fraudulent property transfer, and inflated property appraisal. Other common issues include failure to disclose secondary or primary residence and buyer-seller collusion to mask the property’s true value.

During the years leading up the 2008 financial crisis, fraudulent real estate transactions increased exponentially, as the perceived financial advantages of owning real property led to corners being cut. Knowingly and unknowingly, real estate professionals such as brokers, title companies, loan officers, and investors broke mortgage fraud rules. In addition, inexperienced property owners frequently undertook questionable transactions that subsequently turned out to be against the law.

William Barzee has a consistent track record in representing clients in complex mortgage fraud cases. He is frequently able to have charges lessened or dismissed, and he strives to avoid grand jury proceedings whenever possible.

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My Experience of the Benefits of Youth Mentoring, By William Barzee

When I saw how my sister Mary positively influenced the life of her “Little Sister,” I decided to become involved in a similar capacity through the mentoring program at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Miami. This organization matches caring adults with youths who express interest in an adult mentor. These professionally supported mentoring relationships assist children in realizing their potential.

Long-term national studies have shown that young people involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters benefit tremendously from the program. Children in the program are nearly 50% less likely to start taking illegal drugs, and their probability of early alcohol abuse declines by 27%. Taking part in Big Brothers Big Sisters reduces children’s likelihood of skipping class by more than half, increases their confidence in their schoolwork, and helps them cultivate skills for better family relationships.

In my own experience, I was able to provide my two Little Brothers with the opportunity to travel to Washington, D.C., and meet the President. Having spent more than six years in Big Brothers Big Sisters, I have expanded my mentoring connections with other youth in the community. Aside from weekend trips to Disney World, my Little Brothers and I have taken off to the Florida Keys for fishing trips, or spent time camping in the Everglades.

In addition to broadening life experiences for my Little Brothers, the mentoring experience has helped me to grow as a person. Mentoring has become an extremely rewarding part of my life. For more information about mentoring, as well as giving opportunities, visit www.wementor.org/

About the Author:

William Barzee specializes in criminal defense at the law firm Barzee Flores in Miami. Mr. Barzee earned his J.D. at the University of Miami School of Law. In addition to his volunteer service at Big Brothers Big Sisters, William Barzee donates to the Anti-Defamation League, the Miami-Dade Drug Court, and the Muscular Dystrophy Foundation.

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William Barzee on the Entanglement of Former Major League Baseball Players in Galleon Case

William Barzee, a federal criminal defense lawyer from Miami, Florida, served as the attorney for Zvi Goffer, one of the hedge fund employees charged in the Galleon Management insider trading case. Barzee argued that his client did not participate in insider trading and was, in fact, fired for his refusal to make trades based on insider information.

Years after the initial trial, the Galleon Management insider trading scandal continues to grow. In the latest wrinkle, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is investigating whether several former Major League Baseball players may have acted on insider information when making stock purchases. This segment of the case centers on former Baltimore Orioles players Eddie Murray and Doug DeCinces. The two played on the team together between 1977 and 1982 and have remained on friendly terms.

Prosecutors and SEC regulators are investigating whether Murray made suspicious purchases of Advanced Medical Optics stock in 2009, immediately before Abbott Laboratories acquired the medical device firm for $2.8 billion. DeCinces has already settled separately with the SEC, though he has admitted no wrongdoing. SEC investigators theorize that DeCinces received information from someone directly involved in the takeover, acted on the tip, and then passed the tip on to Murray. However, investigators have been having trouble narrowing down who the leaker was, since there appear to have been leaks at every stage of the process.

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The History of Big Brothers Big Sisters by William Barzee

In 1904, a New York City court clerk by the name of Ernest Coulter noticed many boys going through his courthouse. He wanted to do something to reverse this trend and decided that perhaps connecting these kids with caring adults might keep some of them from getting into trouble. Also in New York City at that same time, the Ladies of Charity group was working with females in the New York Children’s Court through an organization called Catholic Big Sisters. Though the two groups began and operated independently for many years, they eventually joined forces in 1977 to become the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Now the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is helping children in all 50 states and in 12 countries across the globe. The nonprofit sees great results: after 18 months in the program, children are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, skip school, and use violence.

About William Barzee: A supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, William Barzee is a Managing Partner with Barzee Flores law firm in Miami.

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