The History of Big Brothers Big Sisters by William Barzee

In 1904, a New York City court clerk by the name of Ernest Coulter noticed many boys going through his courthouse. He wanted to do something to reverse this trend and decided that perhaps connecting these kids with caring adults might keep some of them from getting into trouble. Also in New York City at that same time, the Ladies of Charity group was working with females in the New York Children’s Court through an organization called Catholic Big Sisters. Though the two groups began and operated independently for many years, they eventually joined forces in 1977 to become the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America.

Now the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization is helping children in all 50 states and in 12 countries across the globe. The nonprofit sees great results: after 18 months in the program, children are less likely to use drugs and alcohol, skip school, and use violence.

About William Barzee: A supporter of Big Brothers Big Sisters, William Barzee is a Managing Partner with Barzee Flores law firm in Miami.

About William Barzee

Miami native William Barzee has lived, attended school, and worked in the south Florida city his entire life. Attending Coral Gables Senior High School as a teenager, he later enrolled at the University of Miami, also in Coral Gables. During his undergraduate years, he joined various student organizations. He served as a Student Representative to the University’s Board of Trustees and spent time as the President of the student government. William Barzee’s scholastic aptitude earned him memberships in the Iron Arrow Society, the Appeals Committee, and the Honor Council. Finishing his degree at Florida International University in Miami, William Barzee earned a Bachelor of Arts and became a member of a Phi-Lambda national honors fraternity. Returning to the University of Miami at its School of Law to earn his legal degree, he supplemented his studies with a variety of services. Contributing to a national mock trial team, William Barzee also participated as a Finals Review Student Lecturer and Honor Council Student Advocate. He wrote for the University of Miami Law Review and won an American Jurisprudence Book Award before graduating cum laude. Accepting his first career position with the Law Offices of the Public Defender for Miami-Dade County, William Barzee spent over three years as a Special Assistant Public Defender and close to five years as an Assistant Federal Public Defender. After a year and a half as a solo practitioner in Miami, he cofounded his criminal law practice Barzee Flores. Located at the Courthouse Center, 40 N.W. 3rd Street Penthouse 1 in Miami, Barzee Flores has represented clients in federal and state cases since 2008. For more information on Mr. Barzee and the law firm, please visit
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